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Our Overseas Clients faith is imposed by the fact that orders keep on repeating and further business negotiations are on with other developing countries .

Having the privilege to be of services to EPS Industry we diversified into moulding EPS (THERMOCOLE) Packaging, EPS components and EPS Blocks / Sheets since last two years in the name of S.R. Thermocole (EPS) Packaging Pvt Ltd. With future expansion infrastructure available, Our present capacity is 15 MT of EPS per month backed by :

  1. In house design and manufacturing of Aluminum Moulds which reduces lead time.
  2. Automatic Hydraulic Shape Moulding Machines with vacuum system to give Quality dry products and higher productivity.
  3. Automatic Performing Machine with density Control features, Fluidised bed drier & Sieve Unit.
  4. Automatic Pneumatic Shape Moulding Machines.
  5. Our Technicians are well versed with handling of EPS (THERMOCOLE) Process


(Chairman and Managing Director)

EPS manufacturing is a very easy job. But to get Highly Efficient, User's Friendly and High Tech Machines and complete EPS Turn-Key Projects at lowest prices is difficult one. Our organization is customer-oriented. We always think that our customer growth is our growth too. We not only sell EPS machines but also provide the latest Technology to achieve a low processing cost, high productivity at consistent superior quality. Since last 12 years Mane Electricals has brought a Revolution in EPS industry by manufacturing Fully-Automatic EPS machines. We are not only providing after sales service but our R&D unit has been supporting and guiding the EPS Manufacturers. We are always open for any information, training and help to EPS manufacturers. You can contact on our Helpline +91 20 27125098 which is open round the clock for our customers. Ultimately our MISSION and OBJECTIVES are driven by every need of our CUSTOMERS. We continuously support the EPSRAI and AMEPS as an active member. We also offer the latest available Technical know how regarding EPS Recycling and supply a low-cost EPS Recycling Plant. Our endeavor is to help you to face any challenges before you. Your every requirements will be met by our best services, at all times. Thanking you,